Olavsfestdagene - Experiences that moves. Experiences that moves Trondheim, 26. July - 3. August, 2014

From UFFA to Opera Gala

At secondary school Mads Wighus sang in rock band. August the 3rd he is one of twelve opera stars who will celebrate the Danish voice teacher Susanna Eken in an Opera Gala. Les mer

An eager volunteer

– I have met so many positive people, everyone has greeted me so well when I come around, says Inger Oline Lernes. Working as a volunteer for this year´s Olavsfestdagene has been an entirely positive experience. Les mer

Come and have breakfast with Henrik Syse and several others at Rica Nidelven. Foto: Hilde Wormdahl

Breakfast with stars

An idea from last year's Olavsfestdagene is realized when Henrik Syse and Paul Otto Brunstad invite four leaders and the public to a conversation around Norway's best breakfast table. Les mer

Searching for rock-bands from Trøndelag

The band PELbO is searching for three promising bands from the Sør-Trøndelag-area. The selected bands will receive three days of rehearsals during Olavsfestdagene, and the chance to learn from the musicians of PELbO. The best of it all, it will all end with a concert at Byscenen. Les mer

Nidaros featuring Timbuktu

The Swedish artist Timbuktu has written the music and Anders Baasmo Christiansen is one of the performers when the play "Nidaros" is presented in two exclusive shows in the Nidaros Cathedral Monday the 29th of July Les mer

Bea – a classical Knight

On her seventieth birthday the Royal Castle announced that Bea Levine-Humm had been awarded The Royal Norwegian Order of Merit, as the class of an Officer class of a Knight Officer. Olavsfestdagene congratulates. Les mer

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